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We host the most dynamic events for innovators across the legal industry.
To support our clients and their teams in their personal and professional growth, The Cowen Group’s Events division hosts over 50 executive peer micro‐events nationally. These thought leadership roundtables and workshops are designed to bring together Legalists, Information Security and Information Governance professionals, Technologists, Consultants, and Executives in a roundtable environment to accelerate their advancement in this rapidly evolving space. Networking and collaborating with the right peers and professionals elevates the careers of the talent we represent and offers The Cowen Group unparalleled insight into the trends and market forces that are shaping our industry providing us the ability to find the most qualified candidates our clients want.

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Cowen Cafe Invitation

Our Lunch with Cowen series, which features sessions on other weekdays, is a smaller invitation-only gathering of leading professionals focused

Law Department – Investment priorities- Process and Workflow IMprovement

What workflow or process improvement project are you most focused on? Improving existing workflow Inventing new workflow Creating checks, balances

Talent: Leveling Up Your Teams and New Talent Needs

There are three consistent challenges in almost any business. Managing people – process and technology. For the last two weeks