Kim Wolfe
Head of Legal Business Management at
Wells Fargo

Léo Murgel
SVP & COO, Legal, and Corporate Affairs at Salesforce

Bradley Johnston
Legal Chief of Staff and Director of Operations at SunPower Corporation

Teressa Barillas
Assistant General Counsel, Legal Innovation and Operations at Con Edison

Kshitij Dua
Head of Legal Operations at HashiCorp

Shirley Tian
Associate Director, Legal Operations at BeiGene

Adam Weiss
Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Legal Officer at Relativity

Carl Morrison
Chief of Staff at modCounsel

Kevin Clark
Discovery Counsel & Vice President of Analytics and Review Operations at HaystackID

Brian Meegan
Director of Sales and Marketing at ProSearch

Edward Sohn
SVP, Global Head of Capabilities at Factor

Haresh Bhungalia
Chief Executive Officer at Casepoint

Farrah Pepper
Chief Legal Innovation Counsel at Marsh McLennan I CLOC Vice President & Board Member

Hal Brooks
Chief Executive Officer at HaystackID

Matthew Miller
Senior Vice President, Information Governance & Data Privacy at HaystackID