You are what you read…and in an effort to help our community accelerate their growth from Now to Next professionally, The Cowen Group has created The Cowen Book Club.

Our March book club call will take place this Friday, March 3rd, at 1pm ET. The book we will be discussing is Thomas Friedman’s New York Times Bestseller: Thank You for Being Late. Click Here to Buy Thank You for Being Late!

Thank You for Being Late is a micro and macro view of how fast things are changing around us – with a deep dive into why the change is occurring and how it impacts society.

I love the phrase “what happens after what happens next?” and Friedman does a terrific job of looking back, to help us think and see forward.

Did you know that it’s only been 10 years since the launch of the iPhone, Airbnb, Twitter, Google’s purchase of YouTube etc.? Historically it takes 10-15 years to understand technological advancement; to be able to build new laws and regulations to safeguard society and to understand the business and career opportunities before us – or as I like to say, “find the gap – fill the gap”. But Moore’s Law is now impacting more than just chips and the new exponential rate of change no longer allows for 10-15 years to adjust and figure out these effects.

There is a rapidly growing gap between what technology is driving and how society is able to comprehend and respond. A.k.a..there are enormous gaps being created in the business world and opportunities for business savvy and technical savvy executives to take advantage of professionally.

Most important to the community is the impact that these exponentially rapid changes will have on our professional careers and families. Our discussion will address these emerging and evolving opportunities for your career in the business of law.

Click Here to watch a short video summary of Thank You for Being Late on YouTube and click Here to read a short summary by Kirkus Review!

Now more than ever, the old cliche: Lead, Follow or Get Left Behind, holds personal significance. Join us this Friday, March 3rd for our hour-long discussion surrounding Friedman’s book. Click Here to sign up for The Cowen Book Club!

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