Close your eyes. Open your imagination. Picture yourself 10 years from now. Where are you? What are you doing? When you look back from your future self, what have you learned, what have you accomplished, and what are you most proud of? Now return to the present. What concrete actions will you commit to taking now to realize this future self you know you can be?

This morning, over 35 leading women in legal, legal leadership and legal technology will gather at the City Club of San Francisco for the kickoff workshop of WomenToKnow (, where they will support old peers and new friends to define and declare their 1-, 5- and 10-year career plans. Everyone will leave the meeting committed to taking at least one clear action to invent, re-invent or advance their career. And everyone will be held accountable by their peer group to follow through on their commitment and achieve their goal.

The Cowen Group excited to announce the official launch of WomenToKnow! Our mission is to advance the careers of women in legal, legal leadership and legal technology by honing skills to manage their career like a business. Evolving market conditions and disruptive technologies are opening opportunities for women that were unimaginable yesterday — but on the table for tomorrow. WomenToKnow will enable women to become the CEO of their future, to discern these new opportunities and be the first at the table to excel in a new role. And we’ll do it with the support of our advisory board, the strong female advisors ready to pay it forward and help other women in their field.

Are you ready to change the world? Join us for upcoming breakfasts in DC, New York, Chicago and for launch at ILTACON in Las Vegas!
For more information, contact David Cowen:

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