The number 1 question I get each year at ILTA – What’s Next?

What’s next for my career, where is the demand for executive talent, who is hiring,  and where on the new and exciting executive roles.

E discovery has matured over the last 5 years and we’ve seen a significant amount of consolidation in the eDiscovery space,

While this has slowed down the pace of executive movement ….

We’ve conversely seen a dramatic expansion in the areas of privacy, security, and information governance. And most recently an increase in the demand for talent with skills competency and experience in the areas of analytics, predictive analytics, business intelligence…..

Some of the most significant, career movement  is coming from within corporations that are promoting from within and consultancies and boutiques and startups that are hiring experienced talent in our space.

In order to understand where we are and what’s next.

Our ILTACON 2015  kickoff breakfast on Monday will focus on the

Top 5 drivers of changes

Top 5 challenges and the new roles and career opportunities that these drivers and challenges are creating.

Here is a sneak peek at those Drivers-

Top 5+2 Drivers of Change are:

1.  Evolving Client Needs & Expectations

2.  Emerging Technology – Automation, Analytics – Machine Learning

3.  Market Consolidation – The Rise of Consultancies and Boutique Firms

4.  Frequency and Convergence of Data Privacy – Cyber Security & Infomation Governance

5.  Internet of Things & New Data Sources

6.  Corporate Control of eDiscovery

7.  Shortage of Skilled and Experienced Talent

Once again, we are at the beginning of the beginning of a significant change in our industry.

There are 15 new start ups and a dozen firms that are growing rapidly in our space.

If you’re attending ILTACON2015,  my suggestion is talk to the new guys . Within 3 years the new guy will be the big guy.

Remember 10 years ago kCura, Equivio, Iris, Clearwell, Recommind and Epiq were the new guys.

I look forward to seeing you at ILTACON2015.


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