Think Tank Advisory Board

think-tank-advisoryThink Tank Advisory Board

The Think Tank Advisory Board is an invitation-only, thought leadership, peer group focusing on innovations in technology and workflow that shape the eDiscovery, litigation technology, and legal information management industries. This affinity group is comprised of visionaries from law firms, corporations, and advisory stakeholders, who collaborate via a monthly virtual discussion, through in-person workshops, and through social media and other online collaboration tools.
Participants in the Think Tank tackle current state executive challenges and creates new possibilities to address such challenges through process or technology. Some examples from our Year 1 Think Tank program include business process management, review performance trends, information silos, and collection from social media. We draw inspiration not only from innovators in a wide range of fields but also from each other—learning what works within our peer organizations, and how to modify and apply that in our own workplace.

What we learn from one another and create within this group helps us to better serve our professional development needs, our organizations’ needs, and the needs of the legal and business communities.

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Insights from The Think Tank
A white paper exploring how information silos impact your organization.