Hey Minneapolis! We’re back! It’s been two years since we last hosted a roundtable breakfast at the Minneapolis Club.  We are delighted to be back on June 18th.


Legal Analytics are everywhere! Corporate counsel is demanding better metrics, transparency, visibility, and dashboards.  Are you ready for what’s next?

Join us as our Corporate Roundtable of panelists share what and how they are reinventing their approach to legal analytics, metrics, and outside counsel accountability.

We will also discuss the following:

1- The impact of Emerging Technology on Law Firm and Law Department Economics – especially the rise of machine learning, legal and predictive analytics, new case intelligence tools and smart data.

2- The evolving roles and talent gap that these new tools and emerging workflows are creating for legalists, legal technologists, data gurus and entrepreneurs.

It’s clear that many new analytical tools are beginning to show promise with regards to legal data analytics, business intelligence, case intelligence and simply getting to the facts faster and with less staff.

The above topics are impacting what we manage, who we manage and how we manage. Moreover, how we bring value to our firms, reduce the cost of doing business, and advance our careers.

The format for this breakfast will be a quick update on the top 5 trends impacting the legal space and your career by David Cowen, followed by a 45-minute group roundtable discussion on our topic.

This breakfast is invite-only for senior thought leaders and rising stars in the eDiscovery and litigation support space.  If you are a legalist, legal technologist, or legal leaders, email Sophia@CowenGroup.com to request an invitation.



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