The Cowen Group announces the launch of their 2017 Q1 eDiscovery Critical Trends Survey. The purpose of this survey is to explore the top five eDiscovery challenges that corporate counsel will face in 2017 along with some of the evolving best practices to resolve these challenges and advance your career. It will also explore the top business challenges, advanced technology investments and workload approaches of 2017.

David Cowen, President of The Cowen Group, was inspired to create this survey to better understand the impact of artificial intelligence and advanced technology on the business of law, litigation and eDiscovery and the emerging and evolving challenges and opportunities for corporate counsel with eDiscovery and information governance experience.

Cowen conducted a preliminary survey over the past two weeks with his survey advisory board, which includes 35 of the Fortune 500 companies.

The Cowen Group Q1 eDiscovery critical trends survey will report on the following:

  • Top 5 eDiscovery pain points for corporate and outside counsel
  • Evolving approaches and business models to eDiscovery pain points
  • 2017 technology investment priorities
  • Evolving roles for leaders and managers

The Cowen Group will release the results on Wednesday, February 1st, only to those who took the survey. Survey participants will be invited to one of six roundtable workshops across the United States this spring for corporate counsel to discuss the results and evolving best practices.

So what are other Fortune 500 companies saying their top eDiscovery, Data or Information Governance pain points are for 2017? Don’t miss this opportunity to share your point of view. Click here to take our survey now.

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