Spring is in the Air
Cowen Q2 Spring Breakfast Series

Spring is in the air and with the new season comes change and opportunity.

As we leave winter behind, I am constantly being asked what is on the horizon for the legal industry. There is a great deal of transformation in this space right now and three of the biggest drivers of change are:

1. The adoption of early case assessment (ECA), analytics and new technology tools

2. The challenge of privacy, security and governance (PSG)

3. The development and deployment of legal project management (LPM)

These are the three areas where I see the greatest demand for talent and opportunities for advancement in the next 12 to 24 months.

ECA, PSG and LPM are impacting the careers and roles of legal professionals in many ways. Professionals are:

  • Working faster with new and evolving tools and technology

  • Working smarter through more efficient workflow practices and legal project management

  • Working harder to address concerns, threats and opportunities surrounding privacy, security and governance

These emerging areas should create significant career opportunities for professionals with the curiosity and initiative to learn and grow.

How are ECA, PSG and LPM trends impacting your career? Take our poll today.

If you are looking for the next opportunity for growth and advancement, join us this Spring for our Spring Breakfast Series in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis or San Francisco. We look forward to discussing the results of our poll and the impact of these trends on talent resources, workflow and career growth.

See you this Spring!


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