“The Future Belongs To Leaders Who Get Artificial Intelligence”

Artificial intelligence, expert systems and advanced analytics are rapidly beginning to penetrate the delivery of legal services creating new business models, new leaders and new career challenges and opportunities. The next three years will see at least 25 new technology providers make a play for market share in the delivery of legal services. Thus impacting business models and creating 100’s of new career opportunities.

Visionaries and leaders are testing, investing and trying these new technologies. Sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing with new business models and approaches to become more productive, efficient and ultimately gaining new market share.

What’s your attitude towards legal artificial intelligence. What actions are you taking to advance your career and get from “Now to Next” professionally?

In an effort to better understand the emerging  Artificial Intelligence technology leaders and potential options and opportunities for your career…The Cowen Group along with Bobbi Basile of HBR will present a shark tank style breakfast in New York City on the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology on the business of law.

3 technology providers (ROSS, Seal, Neota Logic) will each have 7 minutes each to present a client case study and value proposition of their technology.

Followed by 10 minutes of Q&A for each technology

Followed by 30 minutes of facilitated and moderated Group Roundtable discussion and exchange of ideas amongst all participants.

To register – simply send an email to me directly or to Kaitlin@CowenGroup.com and she will send you a direct link to register.

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