Cowen Group Q2 Market Trends Report

Here are the results of our Q2 Critical Trends Survey which focused on Technology Buying Priorities Workload and the impact of Covid on accelerated decision making.

51% of responses came from law firms and 40% came from corporate legal departments, with the balance from service and software providers.

Is your workload up down or the same?

Workload Industry

Up 46.55%
Down 5.17%
Same 48.28%

If your workload is up or down, how are you addressing the change?

Workload Addressing Change

Insource 37.14%
Outsource 2.86%
Other 60.00%

What are your top technology priorities for 2021

Top Technologies Survey

E-discovery 21.43%
Managed Services 12.50%
Collections 12.50%
e-Billing 10.71%
Accounting 5.36%
Case Management 16.07%
Matter Management 25.00%
Knowledge Management 37.50%
Dashboards 25.00%
Data Analytics 66.07%
Business Intelligence 30.36%
Contracts 25.00%

Has Covid19 accelerated your companies adoption of next GEN Technology?

next GEN Technology adoption

Yes 74.55%
No 25.45%