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project insights

Project Insight is an invitation-only, technology innovation group that will provide forward, futuristic, and disruptive thinking on the use of legal technology in the next 5-10 years.  This group will look beyond the traditional approach and iterative improvement of current legal tools and technology.  Together, we will identify possibilities for unique integrations and hybrid combinations of tools, technology, and workflows to improve the delivery of legal services.


This group will be a mix of legalists and technologists from BigLaw, MidLaw, corporate law, and government as well as high-level academicians in the field of data science from North Carolina State University where the LexisNexis campus resides.  While this group is underwritten by LexisNexis,  it will be facilitated, moderated, and curated by David Cowen, Tania Mabrey, and Jennifer Schwartz of the Cowen Group.