There is a fair amount of professional anxiety in the market these days around the importance, meaning and impact of artificial intelligence on the careers of legalists, technologists and allied professionals. My take is to relax and think about AI as the next legal technology driver of career acceleration. Embrace it and find new and innovative ways to make it work in your firm and or department.

How? Think business value and better outcomes for clients.

Stop thinking of productivity and efficiency as “the outcome”. These are ingredients of successful client outcomes.

Corporate counsel does not want productivity and efficiency. They want better outcomes. Better, faster legal advice. Legal judgment, AI, expert systems and advanced “legal technology” make this possible if you are willing to deconstruct the business needs and workflow.

There are 20 new technologies in 4 key categories that are enabling, empowering, and accelerating innovation and better outcomes in the legal space.

It’s about driving business value.
A better outcome for the client.
Corporate counsel wants a better outcome.
Technology enabled improved outcomes.
These technologies are creating opportunities for business savvy thinkers to make a difference.
Legalists and/or technologists to think act more entrepreneurial.
Imagine your career as a service partner regardless of having a JD.
There will be an increase in demand for talent that acts and serves like a service partner, regardless of JD.
Many of these leaders will gather in NYC September 14-15th at SOLID to share there use cases and technology insights. If you missed Kira, Neota logic, ROSS, LexMachina, Disco and AlphaServe at ILTA in Vegas, then request an Invite to SOLID.

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