Once In A Decade Career Opportunities

Every 10 years or so, there is an advancement in technology that creates a once-in-a-decade opportunity for accelerated career advancement.

Think personal computers in the 70s, the Internet in the 90s, social media 2000 to today. eDiscovery was a once in a decade opportunity for business savvy attorneys, legal technologists and paraprofessionals in 2006.

And now we have the artificial intelligence frontier.

What is ROSS, RAVN, Neota Logic, LexMachina, NexLP, Kira, ebrevia and Brainspace?

How do they work? What productivity, efficiency, competitive advantage can they unleash?

Artificial intelligence will dramatically impact the delivery of legal services over the next 5+ years. And artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced legal analytics, smart apps, expert systems, etc. will new career opportunities for innovative risk-taking legalists, legal technologists and allied professionals.

I’m specifically seeing the emerging and evolving roles of:

  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Practice Group Officer
  • Director of Legal Operations
  • Director of Business Intelligence
  • Pricing Analyst

From the half-dozen interviews I’ve done so far, I’ve noticed that there’s not one prevalent title, monolithic evolving best practice or clear path. No repeatable step-by-step guide or best practice on how to implement artificial intelligence,machine learning, smart apps, etc. No obviously clear return on investment. These are days of trial and error, be nimble, fail, rinse and repeat.

But if history is any judge and of course she is, victory favors the bold. Lead, follow or get left behind.

In an effort to  bring clarity to this new and evolving space and to accelerate the exchange of ideas between achievers, strivers and seekers in the space, The Cowen Group will be producing a series of breakfasts and New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Boston and Minneapolis this fall.

Now more than ever, you need to be an active participant in your own career advancement and I hope you accept my invitation to join us for breakfast and become involved.

For an invitation to breakfast, please email kaitlin@cowengroup.com

Carpe Diem

David Cowen 

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