Wanna know how I keep such a positive attitude?

I start every day with Seth Godin’s blog.

Seth is one of my five favorite business thinkers/authors/gurus. Never heard of him? Check out his website: “ Go Make something happen,” and you’ll get his m.o. immediately.

Seth talks about the concept of “tribes and new leaders—where people find each other due to common goals, interests, etc. The right leader fuels the tribes into change and success. Tribes of like-minded people can change the world, and they are ready and hungry for effective leaders who can bring them together.

When I read Seth’s blog each morning, I am inspired to take chances, make mistakes, be bold, get my hands dirty; to be imperfect and brave. This is crucial thinking for entrepreneurs committed to leading a tribe.

Are you feeling a little human doubt—not exactly sure what to do next with your career and your life?

Start by getting inspiration. I promise—anyone who reads Seth Godin for two to four weeks will find just the courage to take at least a small step. Which leads to the next—and the next—and the next.

Doing nothing is not a strategy for your career (or life).

Welcome to your future.


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