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new-new-leadersNew New Leaders Group

The New New Leaders (NNL) Virtual Roundtable Forum is a confidential, peer-based, content-driven advisory group for Litigation and Practice Support Directors, Managers, eDiscovery attorneys, and their colleagues from the Fortune 1000 and AmLaw 200. The objective is to provide our members with a community to discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise in managing a high-risk high-reward business department, as well as the latest critical trends and evolving issues in the legal industry.

The group participants have the opportunity to think collaboratively with executive peers in an effort to elevate and accelerate their careers and those of their staff. Members will obtain knowledge from one another about mutual challenges around people, process, and technology—such as getting a seat at the executive table, developing teams, client relationship management, opportunities to build workflow, and developing technologies.

Our thought-provoking conversations aim to determine best practices that allow participants to adapt to rapid changes in the business and legal information environment. By combining legal, technical, and consultative expertise, our members can leverage their knowledge to accommodate accelerating volume, complexity, and cost considerations common within the eDiscovery space. In addition, the group provides leadership opportunities to the broader market through possible collaboration on white papers, marketplace surveys, or other creative work product.






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