In 2011, The Cowen Group sat down with more than 20 major law firms to discuss the models, structures and evolution of their litigation support services. A year later, over 100 law firms contributed to our 2nd Annual Report giving us the next evolution in litigation support delivery models.

Evolution in the Marketplace

The latter half of 2012 saw the beginning of an evolution in the eDiscovery and litigation support space. Spurred on by a number of considerations such as increasing ESI data volumes, the rapid advancement of technology, growing corporate control of eDiscovery processes, and the maturing competitiveness in the vendor market, law firms are reconsidering how they are delivering litigation technology services. At an executive level, firms are strategically asking themselves, “do we want to be in the business of litigation support and eDiscovery services?” and, “what is the business purpose of this department?” Law firms are increasingly evaluating their litigation support departments from a business perspective, asking themselves questions such as:

  • Should litigation support be a profit center or a service center?
  • How does this function increase profits per partner for our firm?
  • How can we provide the cost predictability/cost savings clients are demanding?
  • How can we remain competitive in this space compared to other law firms and service providers?
  • What is our current and future investment appetite?
  • How do we achieve consistent and predictable output from a process with widely variable inputs?

Learn More about the 2nd Annual Litigation Support Models & Structures Report

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