It was a busy and productive day at LegalTech 2015 for The Cowen Group. Starting with a morning Cowen Breakfast Event discussing your career 2015 and beyond, top counsel and law firm partners came together to look at what matters most in our industry currently from a personal, firm and industry perspective.

Emerging technologies, the convergence of Privacy, Security and Governance, the rise of managed services and new corporate standards and expectations were a few of the issues that were on the minds of this group for both their business and their career.

After the event, we asked some of our attendees to tell us why they come to our events – these are some of the comments we heard:

“David pulls the best people together, with efficient, affective and high quality events.”

“The Cowen Group brings the opportunity to raise the discussion bar in issues around relevant issues”

“The Cowen Group brings high level networking to my career – meeting people who are the best of their firm where the topics are always leading edge.”

“Cowen Group Events bring innovative insights into our future. They are guidance and motivation in my career.”

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During the afternoon, David Cowen, along with corporate and law firm panelists had an in depth and open discussion on data security threats.  What came out of that session was a mix of ideas and strategies to bridge the gap between law firm and corporate security threat requirements and standards.

The Top 3 Cyber Threats We Face Together, included topics like:

1.  Standard Practices

2.  Access Controls

3.  Data Deletion

Which moved into discussions on corporate views of law firm readiness and what the future environment could hold.

We are looking forward to Day 2 at LegalTech! Watch out for more opportunities to join in depth discussions on these topics at upcoming live and virtual events hosted by The Cowen Group.


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