How to Get From Now to Next in Your Career

How many times have you been told that you need to have a career plan for your future? If you are like most professionals, you probably agree that creating a plan, setting forth your goals and actions for the future is a good idea, but have not taken the time to sit down and prepare one.

David Cowen, President and Managing Director of the Cowen Group, is writing a series of blogs to help you develop a game plan to advance your career. These blogs are designed to help attorneys, legal executives, legal technologists and others gain a better understanding of how emerging technology, tools, and trends may impact their careers. This weekly series aims to do far more than provide insight as to what is happening in the market – it will inspire you and outline what actions you can take to increase your marketability.

If you are looking to develop strategies for success in this fast-changing market, we encourage you to follow our upcoming blogs which will answer the following questions:

  • What are top drivers of change that will impact the careers of legal executives in 2016?
  • What is happening in the market that is essential and important to the careers of technologists, business leaders and decision makers?
  • What roles will evolve and what new positions will develop?
  • How will technology impact and change the delivery and procurement of legal services in 2016?
  • How will machine learning, predictive analytics and smart data impact the career opportunities of legal professionals?
  • Where will the most significant and meaningful business and career opportunities be in 2016?
  • What will be the greatest accelerator of legal careers in 2016?
  • What skills, competencies, background and experience will be in greatest demand in 2016? 2017? 2020?

Our Spring Breakfast series will also be focused on this topic! Specifically, we will discuss steps and strategies executive leaders can use to become indispensable to their organization through the development of their team and talent.  For an invite to one of our breakfast events, please contact


Washington DC- March 10th

Chicago-March 15th

Los Angeles- April 5th

San Francisco- April 7th



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