Grow Your Team, Grow Your Career

We are at the beginning of a once in a-decade shift that is occurring in the business world right now. This movement is driven by smart data, analytics, robotics, machine learning, and super intelligence. Corporate Counsel, Law Firms, Legal Technologists, and Managers will all be dramatically impacted. What does this shift mean for you? What new thinking, experience and skills will you need to acquire to be marketable, relevant and advance your career?

If you are looking to the future and thinking about how you can best advance your career, take a good look around you. Your ability to grow and develop a team that can meet the demands of our fast-changing industry will be critical to your success. Growing the talent of the people who surround you expands your own capability and capacity to do more. When you can delegate work and pass on specific tasks and projects to others, you gain the freedom to take on higher level challenges and opportunities. To put it simply, empowering others accelerates your own career growth.

In the coming 2 years, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, legal analytics and robotics will permeate our industry. The demand for talented professionals who can effectively work with these advanced technologies will grow exponentially. Because this technology is so new and advanced, you won’t be able to easily or cost effectively hire the talent you are looking for – it will not exist. The demand for talent will far exceed the supply, which means that you will need to turn to the people on your left and right to fill new roles and positions. Similar to 2004, 2006 and 2008 when legal executives had to develop their own litigation support talent, we are at the beginning of the beginning again.

Managers, and executives that can grow, lead and develop talent that can address the new work environment will be in the greatest demand and most marketable.If you want to move your career forward, you need to demonstrate that you have the ability to grow the talent that you already have. Professionals who can build teams of critical thinkers with the capacity to utilize advanced technologies will become the most indispensable executives, managers and thought leaders in our space.

If you want to learn more about talent development and specific strategies you can use to grow your team, we invite you to attend the Cowen Group Breakfast series. If you have a success story and a passion for growing your talent, we are looking for two additional breakfast captains in each city. For a general invite or to serve as a breakfast captain, please contact

Upcoming Dates for the Cowen Group Breakfast Series

*March 10 – Washington DC
*March 15 – Chicago
*April 5 – Los Angeles
*April 7 – San Francisco

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