Good News – Bad News or Where Will you be When the Music Stops?

Let’s say that corporate profits are at an all time high, litigation is up, eDiscovery workload is up and that law firms and corporations are investing in tools, technology and talent (people, process & technology). The best firms are actually investing in innovation too.

Does this sound familiar? It should. That is what the legal space was like in 2006 – 2007 when many of us enjoyed rapid promotions and increases in compensation. And we are right there again. And by there I mean the top of a market just before the fall.  Every 7 – 10 years there is economic upheaval and we are 9-years beyond the 2008 recession. So we are due for a correction or recession.  Ugghh.

Ask yourself: What is the impact of a small recession on your firm, your department your career? What is the impact of a 2008 sized recession on your firm, your department your career?

Now ask yourself: What skills, competencies and experience do you need to survive and thrive in the legal industry in 2020?

Good News:  You already have what you need. You simply need to re-energize, refocus and redefine your role, responsibilities and authority. There is no shortage of opportunities right now to re-energize and reinvent your career.  And when I say reinvent – I am using a lowercase “r”. You are already an expert at business challenges and puzzles, and figuring it out. But maybe not so expert at seeing the future.

Our 2016 ILTA Kickoff Breakfast,  “From Now To Next” will consider the future and top 5 drivers of change affecting the careers of legal professionals and the top 5 open spaces (gaps) that eDiscovery professionals can consider in getting from now to next.

Innovation and career success are driven by business savvy leaders, thinkers and doers. Not by technology.

Now is Next. Are you ready?

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