The key to success over the next 2+ years will be to THINK like an entrepreneur and ACT like an entrepreneur.

I speak with dozens of smart, savvy legalists, technologists and allied professionals from eDiscovery, legal IT and legal operations every week. These leaders voice their concerns and frustration regarding the difficulty and challenge of getting executive leadership to green-light their business ideas and new technology initiatives.

But these same executives actually have the role, responsibility, authority to make a difference.

If you’re at the management, director or vice president level within your organization, then you’re actually getting paid to push the boundaries and lead. Find the gap, Fill the gap and take some amount of risk.

Don’t wait for permission to start experimenting and innovating within your organization.

Figure it out and create new value for your department and organization.

Take chances, get messy, make mistakes. Learn and grow. Grab 1, 2 or 3 other colleagues and get started. Grab coffee. Get a whiteboard. Discuss your ideas.

Take action – any action. The key to getting from now the next is starting.

THINK and ACT like an entrepreneur!

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