The nationally-recognized recruiting experts at The Cowen Group are a driving force in the litigation support, eDiscovery and information governance markets. With more than 30 years of combined experience in recruiting, The Cowen Group is the go-to choice for more than 75 major law firms and over 125 top corporations for temp, temp-to-perm and permanent placements.

The Cowen Group delivers singular opportunities to recruits, accessing its extensive network of major players within the legal and corporate world. To our clients, we deliver supremely trained staff with highly competitive skill sets, ensuring that new hires will be powerful and critical components to your existing team.


The Cowen Group has fostered deep relationships among elite organizations through the years, offering candidates exclusive access to incredible opportunities. Both candidates and clients benefit from the proprietary advantages our existing networking is able to offer.


Our team of career professionals can harness and hire top talent for your organization, ensuring your continued success in an ever-changing industry. At the same time, our recruits receive access to exclusive opportunities not available through our competitors, rather than hammering away at the same tired market year after year.


We’re positioned to deliver relevant career advice for the real-time job market, both to emerging professionals and established players. Between technological advances, new industry trends and the inherent challenges of our field, The Cowen Group functions as an experienced travel guide on your road to success.


Having spent over a decade focusing exclusively on eDiscovery and legal technology, we know exactly how the market is trending. As a result, we’re truly invested in the careers of our candidates and the success of our clients for the long-term.

Client Collaboration

The Cowen Group consults with clients to create vital strategies for talent acquisition and development, advancing their eDiscovery, legal technology, litigation support, and information governance functions. Investment partners are offered an independent, objective vehicle for accessing feedback from market research of target audiences to further enhance daily operations as well as broaden organizational goals.