Women to Know Dinner Series

The Cowen Group is pleased to announce the formation of Women To Know.

Our mission statement is:

The primary purpose of women to know is to elevate and accelerate the careers of women

in the legal, legal technology, and legal leadership space through a series of live and virtual events, peer-to-peer advocacy, coaching, storytelling and shared lessons. The only requirement for membership is the desire to help yourself by helping others.  

Our current Board of Advisors include women in executive leadership roles at: Apple, Google, Gilead Sciences, Sutter Health Systems, Sherman and Sterling, Morgan Lewis, and Redgrave.

The core of this conversation will come from LeanIn and the Stiletto Network – 12 actionable steps that women can take to advance their career in this unique time of evolving roles and opportunity for women in the legal, legal technology, and legal leadership space.

Now more than ever women need to create mindful and specific 5 year, 10 year, and 20 year career plans.  Women need to create career advisory boards for themselves not just the current inefficient conferences, mentorships, and wishful thinking.

Women across the four generations need to converge and converse to conquer their personal and professional goals.

The primary purpose of this group will be to create a series of action steps for women meaningful and immediately action steps.

This is not a thinking group – this is an ACTION group.  This is not about networking- this is a series of action steps into NewLaw2020.  Our legal space is changing rapidly and how we do business today is changing – the greatest career opportunities come at times of paradigm shift and greatest change.  The delivery of legal services is not longer at an evolution stage but is now at a revolutionary stage.  The convergence of PSG-D and the live of predictive and automated legal analytics are creating significant new roles and career opportunities for all.   Women specifically have a unique opportunity to be first, smartest, and boldest.  The fastest way of career growth is to be first, smartest and boldest – that is the recipe for career success.  The new new world of legal.  I hope that you will accept my invitation to join the revolution and become a founding member for your future..