I recently hosted a series of corporate eDiscovery dinners in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston, and each of the 25 corporate counsel I have spoken with shared their concerns about how to handle their eDiscovery matters in Office 365.

While Office 365 drives millions in IT savings… it unintentionally creates numerous and expensive pain points and challenges for legal and especially eDiscovery executives. Primarily because the Microsoft engineers are constantly making changes to the code, platform and workflows. And IT has very limited understanding of the various and multiple needs of legal.

eDiscovery in Office 365 in its current form reminds me of getting your car stuck in a ditch. Getting your car stuck in a ditch, or your data into Office 365, is easy – but there is much to consider when you are trying to get your car, or data, back out.

And like your car in a ditch, it ain’t cheap to get out. And the condition out may not be the same as when you drove it in.

Here’s the thing, if you are thinking about what’s next, and want to elevate and accelerate your career, then becoming a subject matter expert on the complexities and challenges of O365 and eDiscovery is a fast track to marketability.

Vendors and strategic partners that have the talent to dig in, ramp up and stay current with this rapidly changing environment will win. Corporate counsel that chooses wisely will win.

Talent will win.

Those professionals that have the Grit and ambition to learn something new, complex and challenging will rise to the top and be marketable and indispensable.

Ching Ching.

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