Where will you be working 2020?

Artificial Intelligence is dramatically impacting the business of law and the delivery of legal services. AI will do 3 things to the demand and flow of talent:


  1. Jobs will be Augmented.
  2. Jobs will be Created.
  3. Jobs will be Eliminated.

What roles will be augmented, created and eliminated in your organization in the next 4 years?

Will you be Obsolete, Relevant or Indispensable?

Where will you be working in 2020? Big Law – Big 4 – Corporate Law – New Law or Services?

Our fall breakfast series will explore the impact of emerging AI technology such as: ROSS, RAVN, Kira, Brainspace, Neota Logic and NexLP on the demand and flow of talent within the legal space, your firm and your department.

For an invitation to participate or sponsor one of our upcoming breakfasts in:

  • NYC – October 18th
  • Washington D.C. – October 20th
  • Dallas – November 3rd
  • Boston – November 16th
  • NYC – December 2nd

Please email Kaitlin Barber, Director of Events & Sponsorship. Kaitlin@cowengroup.com

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