• eDiscovery attorney salaries up 16% over 2014  driven by increased workloads and corporate counsel’s demand for competence and experience.
  • eDiscovery staff salaries increased 11% in New York, Washington DC and San Francisco,  but remain flat  across the rest of the nation.
  • 245 new eDiscovery positions will be created in 2017
  • 38 new eDiscovery attorney positions will be created
  • Firmwide directors and eDiscovery  attorney bonuses have increased by as much as 50% over the last two years
  • Project managers top the list 3 years in a row for most in demand legal talent.
  • Vendors and service providers continue to pay 10 – 12%  above market for experienced project managers and eDiscovery consultants. Followed closely by AmLaw 50.

For the first time we’ve included vendor compensation trends, bonus trends and the value of certifications.

Please click here for our full report, which include: compensation and bonus trends, demand for talent projections, geographic compensation breakdowns, certification values and full job descriptions.

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