Happy New Year! As we begin 2013, it benefits us all as professionals to reflect on our accomplishments and lessons learned from last year, take inventory of the present, and establish What Happens Next in our personal and professional development. Everyone knows we love a good checklist at The Cowen Group, and I want to share an assignment with you that I have taken on for myself and my team.

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Assignment for the New Year:

Step 1: Clear the Slate—Put closure to the past year as you set up for what’s next.

Put closure to the past year as you set up for what’s next:

  1. What happened last year? What did I accomplish?
  2. What did I fail to accomplish that I had hoped to achieve?
  3. Where did I make mistakes? Who did I hurt (intentionally or unintentionally)? Where was I checked out? etc.
  4. What did I grow from?
  5. What am I holding onto that I am ready to let go of?
  6. What am I holding onto that I am resisting releasing?
  7. What beginnings did I make last year and how am I doing with these ventures?
  8. What ended for me last year and how am I coping with the finality of those experiences?
  9. What am I avoiding or not dealing with in my life right now?

Step 2: Invent What’s Next

Check out all parts of your life: your work, family, your service to others/making a difference in a way that’s meaningful to you, your marriage, your hobbies, your relationship with money, your relationship with yourself, business relationships, vices, your home, creativity, your income, adventure, confidence, experiencing and communicating your feelings with grace, healthy boundaries, your spiritual life, fitness/health, community or civic involvement, learning new things, friendships, taking risks, and further developing your values, ethics, integrity, and personal character.

  1. What are my desires this year (include all the areas of your life that are important to you – you can refer to the list above). Be as specific as possible. What do you want in each area that’s important to you.
  2. What relationships do I want to create, develop or enhance?
  3. What is this year going to “be about” for me? (Example: A year of connection, a year of learning, a year of balance, etc…)
  4. We all know practice is required to have something turn out well…so what specific disciplines and actions (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) will support me in the fulfillment of my goals?
  5. What conversations am I in with myself that may keep me from fulfilling my vision, or keep me stuck or on the sidelines?

Step 3: Establish your Mission Statement

Click on this link and answer the questions asked. When you’re finished, feel free to copy and paste the final page into an email to share with me.




David Cowen

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