Strategic Training to Take your Talent from NOW to NEXT

If you are a leader in any field, chances are you have an advanced degree in FIO:

“Figure it Out.” And, if you are a leader in Legal these days and part of the revolution and mash-up of privacy, security, governance and eDiscovery, then you certainly have earned your FIO merit badge. Leaders and executives that can FIO – tend to be ahead of the curve, get the raises, promotions and seats at the table. (Funny how FIO is never on the actual job description but critical to every advanced career I can think of.)

Well, you are going to really need that FIO mind set going forward because Training yourself and others on machine learning, analytics and new technologies is fast becoming the most important FIO that firms are looking for in their executive leadership.

But where do you gain these new skills and thinking?

During our Peer-to-Peer Spring Breakfast Workshops in Chicago and Washington, DC, we discovered that there is a lack of training available for the leaders of legal technology teams. If you are an executive or manager, your biggest challenge may be determining who you should train and what skills and competencies you should train them on. Training on yesterday’s or even today’s skills and technology will not work. You need to challenge yourself and your best and brightest team members to be forward-thinking and aspire to attain the truly new technical skills and thinking necessary to be competitive in this fast-changing market.

We will continue our discussion of training for tomorrow’s legal and technology landscape during our upcoming Spring Breakfasts in Los Angeles – April 12th, San Francisco – April 14th and New York City – May 5th.

Our first order of business will be to continuing to develop a template to help managers and executives determine WHO to train and HOW to train. We are also adding a monthly working group called “From Now to Next” to further explore this important topic. The Now to Next Working Group is open to all executive leaders with an interest in advancing their careers by elevating the careers of others.For more details and to request an invitation, please email or visit our events page at

Once again we are at the beginning of the beginning and there is no clear path. If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far – let’s go together!