How to Do More With The Same or Less – Do You Have a Plan?

One of the top five challenges for executives everywhere, especially in Big Law and Corporate Law, is figuring out how to do more with the same talent and resources. As litigation and eDiscovery workloads continue to increase  with the rise of data volume, variety and velocity, executives that wish to remain marketable and indispensable will need to acquire and or advance their skills and experience in training and developing teams of talent.

In a recent study by the Cowen Group, 68% of Big Law and Corporate Law leaders indicated that workloads were up and headcounts were flat with no significant budget increase for additional staff. Perhaps most challenging will be training your current staff  to work with new advanced technologies – ie – predictive analytics, machine learning , legal analytics and robotics. 

Since there is no road map on how to train on these advanced and evolving technologies you have a marvelous opportunity to stand out, gain visibility and make a difference to the productivity of your organization by developing your current resources. Executives who have a plan in place to address this staffing and training gap will be able to increase their visibility and marketability within their own firms and throughout the industry. 

Do you have plan? If you need a plan or want to exchange ideas on this hot topic, then I hope you will join us at one of our Peer-to-Peer Winter Breakfasts in New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Los Angeles. Danny Thankachan of Thompson & Knight and David Cowen will be workshopping on low cost, no-cost training and development methodologies and resources for you and your staff.

These roundtable discussions are limited to 35 Big Law, Mid Law and Corporate participants in each city. For more details and to request an invitation, please email or visit our events page at

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