Cowen 2016 eDiscovery Salary Report: 245 new eDiscovery positions will be created in 2017. eDiscovery Attorney salaries are up 16% across the nation, while eDiscovery Staff salaries increased 11% in New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

According to the results of our 2016 eDiscovery Salary Survey, The Cowen Group predicts that approximately 245 new positions will be created in 2017. We see the strongest growth and demand taking place in the vendor/service provider sector with particular emphasis being placed on technical professionals and project managers, as well as growth positions such as data scientists, forensic professionals and customer/client success experts.

Despite an overall trend of flattening compensation, median salaries are continuing to rise in the competitive geographic markets of New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, as well as within the Large Law market sector—with Large Law hires commanding a mean 11% increase above the national median in many positions. Our Trends Section shows that geographic location and organization type are the most meaningful influencers of base compensation, out of the factors we considered (including years of experience, tenure, education, and department size).

To view our full 2016 eDiscovery Salary Report, click here.

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