2016 Market Landscape Survey

On May 11th The Cowen Group will launch a new Breakfast and Dinner series that will take a deep look at the impact of advanced legal software, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics on the delivery and procurement of legal services. Specifically, the impact of advanced legal technology on the current roles, and evolving roles in the legal space.

What are these evolving roles , the demand for talent and who is hiring? Gartner Group is projecting the creation of 400 CDOs (Chief Data Officers) in the coming 24 months. Many of my AmLaw 100 clients have hired and/or are looking for data analysts, data scientists and propeller heads with the ability to think in terms of data as an asset. I believe we will see the creation of more than 200 Net-New positions being created in BigLaw and Corporate Law in the next 12-24 months.

In an effort to uncover the details, rate of change and adoption of these new positions, The Cowen Group will be launching a Market Landscape Survey on May 5th and will be asking about what new roles you’re creating. Specifically – hiring trends, tech investment trends and tech investment priorities, motivation, timing and the new roles and headcount that spend/investment will generate.

Our Q2 Market Landscape Survey will be supported by a Corporate Dinner Series and a spring – summer breakfast series in NYC, DC, Chicago and San Francisco.

Upcoming Breakfast Events

New York City – June 30,2016

Chicago – July 21,2016

Washington DC – August 4,2016

New York City – September 15,2016

Chicago – September 29,2016

Washington DC – December 8, 2016

If you’re interested in participating in our 2016 Market Landscape Survey or Live Events – email Kaitlin@cowengroup.com for more information.

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